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PigHello Everyone,

This is really the winter that wasn't. Our livestock, like the happy pig seen at left playing in the snow, are really enjoying the mild weather — not to mention those of us that have to work outside all day. The warmer weather means that we have had wildlife stay here that normally leave for the winter, like the Golden Eagle seen below at right fluffing up his feathers after a winter rain — yes rain. I am not complaining — any moisture is good for us here, but snow is far less mind boggling.


order deadline is SUNDAY, February 12

We are in CALGARY every two weeks making deliveries, so please check our Delivery Dates calendar for information and deadlines.

Bald EagleGrowing demand and meeting customer needs

The biggest challenge we face is the distance we are from our customers. Having to drive three hours into the city and then home again limits the number of deliveries we can make on a given day. Due to this we are considering switching our customer delivery days to Saturdays and having several locations where our customers meet us to pick up their orders. We might continue offering a delivery service for a fee, but haven't made this decision yet. Please check our Delivery Dates calendar for updates in the coming weeks. Please check our Delivery Dates calendar for updates in the coming weeks.

PigsIn addition to a new delivery structure, we will be implementing an on-line order system that will make this process more straightforward. To facilitate this process we will be selling our product by the piece or package instead of by the weight. To do this we will take the average weight of our products and multiply them by the price we are currently charging. Our product packages are fairly consistent in size so I anticipate this should not be a problem.

We will also be offering package deals in the very near future as many of you have been requesting more of these, so please stay tuned and check our TK Ranch website for updates often.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I encourage your feedback and suggestions on all of these topics as they will affect many of you in the future. Please send your comments directly to me via our Contact Us page.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your continued support.

All the best,
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

TK Ranch animals
Winter feeding our ewes and bred heifers

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