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PigHello Everyone,

Sunrises and sunsets are always a treat here. Wide open skies make for great viewing.

Townsend's SolitaireA rare visitor to TK Ranch was seen during the spring migration in April. Normally found in woodland areas, this Townsend's Solitaire (right) stayed in our yard for a few days. We were lucky to get such a great picture!

Baby CalfBabies, babies and more babies. That is what spring is all about on TK Ranch. We are in the middle of calving, lambing and farrowing right now. The calf at left was born just before our last late spring snow storm, we brought him into our kitchen to warm up.

Judy TurtonOur wee piggies, seen at right, were woken from a nap. It is so much fun watching them frolic in the warm spring sun. They come in all colours — pink, black, brown, orange with spots of every shape. Too cute!

Our days are very long here making sure that everyone is well taken care of. We are very lucky to have several people helping us this spring. Judy Turton, seen right, is one of our dedicated volunteers from England. She and her spouse Rob Larman are helping us with lambing and farrowing. Without dedicated helpers we would have a difficult time getting everything done and we are truly thankful for all of their help.


TK Ranch Beef Ribeye SteakTK Ranch JUNE Specials

Kick off your summer BBQ season with delectable dry-aged grass-fed beef RIBEYE Steaks. We are offering 15% off for the month of June, so enjoy!


EDMONTON – Saturday June 9th
(Last day to order: MONDAY June 4th)
CALGARY – Saturday June 23rd
(Last day to order: MONDAY June 18th)

Please see our Delivery Dates calendar for a listing of pick-up locations near you.

Thanks again for your wonderful support!
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

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