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TK Ranch

Piglets on grass this summer

Lightning on TK Ranch
Lucky strike on TK Ranch

Herding at TK Ranch
Summer ride with good company

Livestock guardian puppy in training on TK Ranch
Livestock guardian puppy in training
on TK Ranch

On the move

Hello Everyone,

Lamb What a summer it has been already on TK Ranch. All of the rain we had earlier in the spring has turned the prairie green and lush. The wildflowers are in full bloom and blanket the pastures in all shades from yellow to deep purple. We will have a good hay crop and subsequent winter feed supply — something high on our list of priorities.

In addition to rain we have had very hot weather for the past two weeks. Nice tanning weather, unless you are in full fleece like our ewes were. We had them sheared last weekend and they were very relieved to have their winter coats removed. We had our last lamb of the season yesterday and they are so cute, like the one pictured above in the grass. The rain has also provided our sows and piglets with endless enjoyment. Several large wallows were dug for them to cool off in during the hot weather and most days they lay almost completely submerged in the mud and water — except when the piglets were chasing each other through the tall grass, like the picture above left.



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Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

Dylan and Colleen Biggs
Dylan and Colleen Biggs

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