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TK Ranch

Loading small square bales

Lightning on TK Ranch
Sleepless on TK Ranch

Herding at TK Ranch
Puppy love

Livestock guardian puppy in training on TK Ranch
TK Ranch in the morning light

Tails from the ranch

Free-Range Turkeys
It's turkey time!

Hello Everyone,

Lamb How the seasons change. We have gone from having hummingbirds in our petunias to frost on our pumpkins in a matter of just two weeks. The days are getting shorter and we are starting to prepare for winter. In addition to 1600 large hay bales we put up a few small squares for our horses. A picture of us loading can be seen at left.

Taking care of livestock can sometimes mean sleepless nights. Two weeks ago we had a sow reject her piglets at birth. Newborn piglets need a lot of care to keep them alive. These babies had to be fed every 45 minutes for the first 5 days around the clock. Needless to say my daughters and I lost a lot of sleep keeping these cute little rascals alive. Happily they are thriving and have moved to our little brooder house where they have access to an outdoor pen and a warm bed at night.

Our cattle dog Trixie also had puppies last weekend. She is a well trained border collie that happily assists with all of our cattle moves. For years we have hoped she would have pups and finally she is a mom. The pups are doing well and getting fatter every day. They get lots of love from our daughters who coo over them continually. Nothing like little puppies to brighten a long work day.

Heredity can be a strong thing. My husband Dylan snapped this picture of a cow and her calf walking away from his horse the other day. While they are different in colour they are remarkably similar in almost every other way — even their tails were in sync with each other.


Thanksgiving is upon us once again…

This year's offering of our succulent free-range turkeys is quickly approaching. We have a limited supply so please place your turkey order as soon as possible. Thanks!

Turkey Delivery dates:
EDMONTON – Sept. 29th
CALGARY – October 6th

All the best,
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

Dylan and Colleen Biggs
Dylan and Colleen Biggs

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