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A TK Ranch puppy

Keeping adorable puppies in our front porch has proven to be such a distraction for everyone. It's hard not to walk in the house and want to cuddle one. Their eyes opened up yesterday and they are starting to take their first steps. It won't be long before they are promoted to working dogs — one of the most important jobs on TK Ranch. The way my husband coos over them you would think he was the proud father :).

TK Ranch Free-Range Turkey

Turkey deadline is approaching FAST

If you have not enjoyed one of our beautiful free range turkeys for a family gathering it is truly a treat. These birds are raised outside with access to a warm building to get out of the weather – so they have the best of both worlds during the cooler fall weather. They have exceptional flavour and tenderness and will keep your family wanting more.

These turkeys are offered at $3.95/lb and are great value for such a good product – you and your family will not be disappointed. These birds will be processed on September 26th and due to our remote location they are only sold FROZEN. Simply thaw your turkey in its packaging overnight in a sink of cold water. Once thawed rinse the bird with cool water and prepare as if it were fresh.


EDMONTON – Sept. 29th, 2012
– Order deadline MONDAY September 24th
CALGARY – October 6th, 2012
– Order deadline MONDAY October 1st

Please order today to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey!

Thanks for your continued support.

All the best,
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

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