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As many of you are aware, our most recent batch of chickens (and our first batch that were soy free) had to be treated with a small dose of antibiotics in their water for one day to stop a bacterial infection that was rapidly killing them. I sent out a survey to our customers asking your opinion about this issue, specifically what we should do with the birds. The response we received was great and sent us a clear message:

  • 61% of respondents asked us to sell the product on our website, but to keep it segregated
  • 29% of respondents asked us to adopt the Animal Welfare Approved standard which allows the therapeutic use of antibiotics, as long as double the withdrawal time is used
  • 10% of respondents asked us not to sell any product that had ever been treated with antibiotics

Based on these results any products derived from animals that were treated will be offered on our website as segregated items. They will be clearly identified and will not carry our standard TK Ranch labels.

This week I will be creating a separate product offering for our soy free chickens. The soy free ration added an additional 15% feed cost into the production of these birds, but we will offer them for the same price as our current chicken offering. So please stay tuned.

All the best,

The Biggs Family
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Burritos The last two weeks have been more than difficult on TK Ranch, but we are starting to catch up. The many bulk beef packages that we sold in January ran us very short on ground beef, but after our last processing date we have finally been able to restock. We were also able to squeeze in another pork processing date so our pork supply has also been replenished. Here are some of the items that we restocked today: Lean Ground Beef, Extra Lean Ground Beef, Regular Ground Beef, Prime Rib Roast, Bacon Ends, Beef Sweet Italian and Chorizo Sausages, Stewing Beef, Beef Liver, Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Ribs, Oxtail and Tongues, Pork Baby Back Ribs, Pork Cutlets, Bulk Beef and Bulk Pork packages.

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Snowy Owls
Lots of Snowy Owls have recently arrived on TK Ranch

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