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The temptation to cuddle and coo over new pups is so darn difficult. Especially when they are big balls of fluff that so desperately want your attention, like our Kangal pups pictured above. These are the babies of our livestock guardian dogs Sugar and Attila (aka Bubby). Sugar had her pups a few weeks back during the cold weather in January. We tried to keep her up at our house where it was warm and cozy, but her instinct to stay with our sheep made her an escape artist. Any time she was let outside she vanished only to be found with our ewes happy and content.So we built her a warm house to whelp right in the middle of our sheep pen and she quickly settled in.

Raising livestock guardian pups is a real balancing act because you want the dogs to bond with sheep, not with people. But you also don't want them to be aggressive towards people because this can be a serious problem. To ensure this balance is met we keep our puppies close to the sheep at all times. Daily, when we feed our mature dogs, we cuddle and pet the pups to ensure they like people, but not more than two or three minutes at a time. This ensures they grow up knowing their true place in the world as working dogs, not as pets. This is essential because much of the year our flock is on pasture kilometers from our home without the protection of a shepherd, including during lambing. In our country coyotes like to drop in for dinner whenever possible; one night a few years ago we lost 13 sheep to predation. We only had one guardian dog at that time and the coyotes split our flock into three, which made it impossible for her to protect them. Today we have several dogs that guard our flock and we rarely suffer any losses.

For many producers, this is hard to achieve because they have grown up having dogs as pets their entire lives and cannot separate themselves from a cute little pup to let it bond properly with their sheep. Unfortunately, once a guardian dog is bonded to people, that is where it will want to stay. Our dog Attila, aka Bubby, is a big suck hence his nickname. He is pictured above with me and my daughter Maria. We bought him as a pup and were told he was bonded to sheep, but soon after his arrival it became apparent that he loved people more. So we kept him as a sire and he guards our yard instead. It took us a lot of years to learn how to train effective livestock guardian dogs and today our flock is well protected by happy well adjusted working dogs.

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Soy-Free Winter Eggs!

Our soy-free eggs are available at our regular pick-up locations. $8/doz for extra large, $7/doz for large, and $6/doz for medium. We have lots in stock!

No GMO, etc.

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“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”
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