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Buying direct from TK Ranch is an economical choice for many families — with free delivery to our Calgary and Edmonton pick up locations (check our Delivery Dates page for our calendar and pick up locations).

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed Beef

Order TK Ranch's luscious dry-aged grass-fed beef — steaks, prime rib, roasts, stewing beef, ground beef, pepperoni sticks, beef jerky and sausage. shop
Heritage Pasture Raised Pork

Heritage Pasture
Raised Pork

Try our Heritage Pasture-Raised pork — your choice of pork chops, cutlets, roasts, pork ribs, sausages ... and everyone's favorite, bacon! shop
Grassfed Lamb

Grassfed Lamb

Shop for delectable TK Ranch grass-fed lamb. Whether your choice is a whole or half lamb, you'll get rack of lamb, lamb chops, leg of lamb, sweet and sour cut ribs and more! shop
Soy Free Chicken

Soy-Free Chicken

Try our delicious Soy-Free Chicken — whole chickens, wings, drums, thighs, organ meats, lean ground chicken, boneless and skinless half breasts ... the works!
Free Range Turkey

Free Range Turkey

Fresh air, sunshine, clean water and nutritious grains make our free-range turkeys succulent and delicious — but they are a limited offering, so order yours today! shop
Bulk Buys

Bulk Buys

This is our new new Bulk Buys Category. shop
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Beef Cross-Rib Roast<br>1.4 kgs/ 3.0 lbs
Beef Cross-Rib Roast
1.4 kgs/ 3.0 lbs

On Sale Now — $26.60