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Beef Filet Mignon<br>Tenderloin Steak<br>200 grams/ 7 oz

Beef Filet Mignon
Tenderloin Steak
200 grams/ 7 oz

SKU: BSFilet200g
Price: $16.75
Weight: Approximately 200 grams
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Product Overview

Animal Welfare Approved Rich and succulent, our grass-fed and finished dry aged Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon) is perfect for an intimate dinner, family celebration or to enjoy anytime.

Our Tenderloin Steaks are cut 1.5 inches thick and vary a bit in size because this cut tapers from one end to the other. We are now offering several different sizes for you to select from.

All of our beef cuts are dry aged the old fashioned way for 18 to 21 days for added flavour and tenderness. This is very different from virtually all conventional beef found in big box stores or restaurants that has been wet aged in a plastic bag.

We believe in giving you the best value so all of our cuts are well trimmed and our roasts are tied. Our products are vacuum packaged to add freezer life and for convenience — simply thaw in cool water before cooking.

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Beef Filet Mignon
Tenderloin Steak
150 grams/ 5 oz

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Beef Filet Mignon<br>Tenderloin Steak<br>175 grams/ 6 oz
Beef Filet Mignon
Tenderloin Steak
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Beef Filet Mignon<br>Tenderloin Steak<br>225 grams/ 8 oz
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Tenderloin Steak
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Beef Filet Mignon<br>Tenderloin Steak<br>275 grams/ 9 oz
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Tenderloin Steak
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Beef Filet Mignon<br>Tenderloin Steak<br>300 grams/ 10 oz
Beef Filet Mignon
Tenderloin Steak
300 grams/ 10 oz

SKU: BSFilet300g
Price: $24.00


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