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Pork Side Bacon, 454g<br>Nitrite & Sugar Free<br>Fatty to the Max

Pork Side Bacon, 454g
Nitrite & Sugar Free
Fatty to the Max

Price: $8.00
Stock: Out of Stock
Weight: Approximately 450 grams
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Product Overview

Animal Welfare Approved This side bacon comes from some of our wee piggies that weren't so wee anymore. In fact they were down-right huge. Arranging processing is sometimes very challenging leaving a few of our pigs to continue their happy lives on full-feed. So when the times comes their bacon is fattier than what we think is acceptable. So this offering is very fatty, hence the sale price :).

There is nothing like the smell and sound of sizzling bacon to get the slow pokes out of bed. While there is a bit of extra fat in our bacon, this cooks to a perfect crispness and adds wonderful flavour to breakfast.

This is fattier bacon - same great flavour just a lot more fat - hence the price difference!

Now that we are making our own bacon in our new facilities the quality is unbelievably better - we are smoking it perfectly using real maple wood chips giving it a wonderful smokey maple flavour naturally!

Each package of Nitrite Free Pork Back Bacon weighs approximately 450 grams.

Ingredients: Pork, water, salt and natural smoke. Uncooked.

The old world heritage breed pigs that we raise on TK Ranch — specifically Berkshire and Duroc — are famous for their carcass and eating quality. When compared to conventionally raised pigs — that are bred to be lean and housed inside barns — our pigs are much different. They naturally have more fat that gives them the hardiness to live outside in all types of weather and this keeps them healthier and more content. This translates into richer meat that is well marbled and has a wonderful flavour.

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