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Pork Leaf Lard - New Size 454 grams!

Pork Leaf Lard - New Size 454 grams!

Price: $4.00
Weight: Approximately 454 grams
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Product Overview

Animal Welfare Approved Throughout history people have valued lard above all else, especially leaf lard — the key ingredient in fine pastries. Leaf lard is internal fat, making it pure and relatively flavourless — perfect for baking or frying your favourite foods.

Our leaf lard is raw and needs to be rendered before using. There are several articles on the internet about how to render leaf lard, but I found this article from Flying Pigs Farm to be useful. It links to a humorous and informative article written in the New York Times by Melissa Clark about the best pastry recipe.

Each package of Pork Leaf Lard weighs approximately 454 grams.

I found these photos and a lot of other great information about lard on another helpful blog — they truly illustrate how perceptions of fat have changed — and for the worse. Fat, especially from pasture raised animals, is very healthy and essential for proper brain function. So do your family a favour and start loving lard.

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The old world heritage breed pigs that we raise on TK Ranch — specifically Berkshire and Duroc — are famous for their carcass and eating quality. When compared to conventionally raised pigs — that are bred to be lean and housed inside barns — our pigs are much different. They naturally have more fat that gives them the hardiness to live outside in all types of weather and this keeps them healthier and more content. This translates into richer meat that is well marbled and has a wonderful flavour.

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Reviewer: Leanne
03/04/2016 08:48am
I double-render this wonderful lard, and use it in homemade artisan soap. The quality is fabulous, and I love that it is antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free! No point in making "natural" soap, if one must rely on commercially available lard.
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