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Beef Quarter, Mixed

Beef Quarter, Mixed

SKU: B1/4
Price: $895.00
Stock: Out of Stock
Weight: Approximately 95 pounds/43 kilograms
Included: (See chart in Product Overview below)
Availability: (See Availability note in Product Overview below)
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Two portions (Add $10.00)
QtySKUSubstitute for GroundCost
BG3 Extra Lean Ground Beef 0.50
BSA1 Beef Breakfast Sausages 0.75
BV4 Beef Pepperoni Sticks (Nitrite Free) 0.85
BV8 Sliced Beef Pepperoni (Nitrite Free) 0.85
BSA3 Beef Bratwurst Sausages 0.90
BSA2 Beef Chorizo Sausages 0.90
BSA5 Beef Fennel Sausages 0.90
BSA4 Sweet Italian Beef Sausages 0.90
BV9 Beef Patties, 6 oz 1.15
BV3 Beef Garlic Sausage (Nitrite Free) 1.35
BV3 Sliced Salami (Nitrite Free) 1.35
BV7 Sliced Summer Sausage (Nitrite Free) 1.35
BV2 Beef Smokies (Nitrite Free) 1.75
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Product Overview

Animal Welfare Approved When we sell our customers a TK Ranch Dry Aged Mixed Quarter, we keep it simple. It is exactly half of a beef half and includes cuts from both the front and hind quarters so you get a mix of your favourite items — hence a mixed quarter. We charge a flat price which includes cutting, wrapping and delivery to one of our pick up locations in either Edmonton or Calgary. This keeps things much easier for everyone. All of our beef is very well trimmed and our ground beef and stew are at least 85% lean. Our beef is also vacuum packaged to extend its freezer life. All cuts are labeled so you will be able to identify what is in your freezer.

You will receive approximately 95 lbs or 43 kgs of beef which is a good choice economically for a family. You will need approximately a 7 cubic foot freezer for a mixed quarter (with room to spare), so be prepared!

AVAILABILITY We only process a few cattle every two weeks. Once our inventory is aged, cut and packaged, some is allocated for our bulk beef packages and the rest for those people who prefer to buy individual cuts. As a result of this limited supply, we can only allocate a few halves, quarters and eighths every two weeks and they sell very quickly — so if they are out of stock, please check back soon as our stock rotates quickly.
Item Name (boneless unless otherwise specified)Number of Pkgs
Included in a Quarter
Items Per
Tenderloin Steaks 4 1
Striploin Steaks 8 1
Ribeye Steaks 6 1
Top Sirloin Steaks 4 1
Blade (Chuck) Steaks 4 1
Round Steaks 6 1
Inside Round Roasts 2 1
Sirloin Tip Roasts 1 1
Cross Rib Roasts 1 1
Chuck Roasts 1 1
Brisket 1 1
Prime Rib Back Bones 1 4 bone rack
Short Ribs 2 4 ribs
Stewing Beef 4 -
Soup (Meaty) Bones 2 1 bone
Lean Ground Beef 40 -
* Weights will vary slightly due to individual carcass sizes. We will do our best to get as close to the sizes specified as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Too much ground beef? You can substitute some of our processed products in lieu of ground beef. In this instance we would simply charge you a small processing fee in addition to the price. Please see a list of our processed products and fees above.

Sharing with friends or family?

We will gladly divide a mixed quarter into 2 equal portions (as closely as possible) for a small fee. We will weigh, box and individually identify each person's portion so all you have to do is hand out the boxes on your end..

All of our beef cuts are dry aged the old fashioned way for 18 to 21 days for added flavour and tenderness. This is very different from virtually all conventional beef found in big box stores or restaurants that has been wet aged in a plastic bag.

We believe in giving you the best value so all of our cuts are well trimmed and our roasts are tied. Our products are vacuum packaged to add freezer life and for convenience — simply thaw in cool water before cooking.

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