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Soy-Free Chicken Smokies 190 grams<br> Now Sugar Free!

Soy-Free Chicken Smokies 190 grams
Now Sugar Free!

SKU: CSmokies
Price: $5.45
Package Size: Two Smokies Per Package
Weight: Approximately 190 grams
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Product Overview

Our Chicken Smokies are delicious and juicy. Smoked and delicately seasoned these are sure to be a sensation at your next barbecue!

Ingredients: Soy-free ground chicken, water, clean salt, organic paprika, organic black pepper, organic coriander, organic mustard seed, organic celery seed, organic garlic powder and natural wood smoke (beef casing). Pre-cooked.

For several years we have been aware of the serious issues regarding soy in our food system, like the ones mentioned in this article found in the Utne Reader. As a result of this, we removed soy (and all GMOs) from our livestock feed several years ago with the exception of our poultry. This issue was very complicated because chickens require a high protein ration to finish properly and there are few palatable alternatives that offer the same results as soy. In addition to this, few mills were willing to work with us in making a ration without soy unless we substituted canola or corn — which we did not want to do. Last fall we finally found a small local mill that was willing to make whatever ration that we wanted and this was a game changer. We formulated a ration that not only removed soy and all GMOs, but also included 9 essential oils (including oregano), garlic and vitamin C to help keep the birds healthy. Eliminating soy was not an inexpensive process — it actually added 15% to our production costs. But we feel the benefits of consuming completely soy free products outweigh the relatively small increase in costs. In early November 2013 our first batch of soy-free chickens were placed and we are proud to be able to offer them to our customers.

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