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Free Range Turkey

Free Range Turkey

Our turkeys are ethically raised insmall flocks by a very progressive Hutterite Colony located close to TK Ranch. They add essential oils, vitamins and minerals to the mix to boost bird immune function naturally. This colony is very invested in raising poultry for TK Ranch and works extremely hard to meet our stringent animal welfare and quality protocols. Our free-range turkeys are raised outside in a large pen with access to a protected building without the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or animal by-products. Fresh air, sunshine, clean water and nutritious grains make our free-range turkeys succulent and delicious — but they are a limited offering, so order yours today! 

We have received several wonderful emails from people who have enjoyed our free-range turkeys. Here is one of them:

We had one of your turkeys last year for Thanksgiving, and my mom especially enjoyed it. She said it tasted just like the ones she remembered when she was growing up on her farm. We talked a lot that night about her memories, my grandma and grandpa, and her adventures on her farm. Good food is amazing, isn't it? Thanks for all that you guys do!  

Olana T., Calgary

Our tuurkeys are government inspected and frozen. All product is vacuum packaged to extend freezer life.

NOTE REGARDING SOY: Our free range turkeys are not soy free, they receive a ration that includes 7% soy. We tried to supplement our turkeys with the same soy-free ration that we developed for our chickens, but the results were unfortunate. The birds developed serious digestive problems and started to become dehydrated and lethargic. We had no choice but to switch their ration back to the one we used before. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Turkey Breast<br>Boneless & Skinless<br>1.2 kgs, FROZEN
Turkey Breast
Boneless & Skinless
1.2 kgs, FROZEN

SKU: TBreast1.2
Price: $35.45
Turkey Breast<br>Boneless & Skinless<br>1.3 kgs, FROZEN
Turkey Breast
Boneless & Skinless
1.3 kgs, FROZEN

SKU: TBreast1.3
Price: $38.40
Turkey Breast<br>Boneless & Skinless<br>1.4 kgs, FROZEN
Turkey Breast
Boneless & Skinless
1.4 kgs, FROZEN

SKU: TBreast1.4
Price: $41.35
Turkey Breast<br>Boneless & Skinless<br>1.5 kgs, FROZEN
Turkey Breast
Boneless & Skinless
1.5 kgs, FROZEN

SKU: TBreast1.5
Price: $44.30
Out of Stock
Turkey, Free Range<br>HALF, 10 LBS<br>FROZEN
Turkey, Free Range

SKU: THalf
Price: $50.00
WHOLE Free Range Turkey<br>18 LBS<br>FROZEN
WHOLE Free Range Turkey
18 LBS

SKU: TWH1-18
Price: $86.00
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