TK Ranch  is your ethical and humane choice for quality grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture raised pork, soy-free chicken & eggs in Alberta.

TK Ranch is located in east-central Alberta in the endangered Northern Fescue Grasslands. We believe that respect for the land and animals we steward is the foundation for creating clean, humane, gourmet, eco-friendly meat products. We realize that without happy food we cannot have a happy earth.

TK Ranch is audited to the highest pasture based animal welfare standards in North America – Animal Welfare Approved. Our cattle and sheep are also certified grass-finished by A Greener World – a stringent certification few farms and ranches hold in Canada. In 2016 we completed construction of our own on-farm processing facility to ensure our animals are treated with the utmost respect right to the end. We also built our own cutting facility on land near Calgary to produce the highest quality meat products in the Alberta organic and natural marketplace.

Our premium value added products are made without gluten, sugar, dairy, MSG, corn, soy, binders, fillers and nitrites.