About Animal Welfare

TK Ranch — Your Ethical and Humane Choice for Livestock Production

For many years TK Ranch has been setting an example for other producers to follow that is sustainable for the land, the animals and the people. Setting an example is the first step in changing our agricultural communities. Many producers are looking for alternatives to the factory farming model but are limited by the types and numbers of markets available for selling their livestock. Currently most producers have only one place to sell — the commodity livestock market. The only way to change this is to create NEW markets that are driven by consumer demand for ethically raised meat products.

Some of the animal welfare related things that we do on TK Ranch are discussed in the links below:

These links may also be of interest to you:

In the future we will be adding more content about our pigs and sheep so please stay tuned. We will also be discussing many animal welfare issues on our blog as soon as we recover from the work invested in the designing and building of this website.