Free-Range Eggs – Happy Hens & Soy-Free Eggs on TK Ranch (uninspected)

When it comes to raising happy hens and quality eggs on TK Ranch we pretty well have this down to an art form. Our daughter Jocelyn and her husband Andre completely renovated our old hip roofed barn and fitted it with nest boxes, roosts, windows, lights, access doors, ventilation and toys (like the cabbage picture). Inside the barn our free-range hens are given at least 3 square feet of room per bird to ensure they have adequate space to move around freely and scratch in the shavings and dirt, especially when it’s cold outside. They have free access to the outdoors year round on TK Ranch and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine to their hearts content.

We have several different heritage breeds that make the hen-house an interesting place to visit. From Barred Rocks to Americaunas, we have a colourful flock! We even have a kitten that wandered into the yard and made her home in the chicken house (named L’il Boots). She loves the hens and even cuddles up to them in the next boxes when it’s cold outside. It takes a lot of TLC to manage free-range hens this way because nothing in our operation is automated. We haul feed and water to them by-hand, clean out the barn and build movable fence all summer so they can have access to fresh grass. We also collect the eggs by hand three times a day, then clean, weigh, sort and carton them. Taking care of our hens is definitely a labour of love on TK Ranch and they give us excellent quality eggs in return.

Our hens are given a quality grain based feed ration that is enriched with vitamins and essential oils to keep them healthy. They are never fed soy or corn, GMOs, antibiotics or other growth stimulants. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the quality and freshness of our eggs. Many people have told us that our eggs are the best they have ever purchased. Some even say that while they are sensitive to eggs bought elsewhere, they can eat ours with no issues.

What makes our eggs different than grocery store eggs when it comes to inspection? On TK Ranch we collect our eggs from clean nest boxes several times a day. The eggs are then inspected for cracks, cleaned, weighed and sorted, placed into egg cartons and refrigerated. At a licensed egg grading facility they are inspected for cracks, cleaned, candled through a light to inspect the insides, weighed and sized (graded), sorted accordingly, placed into egg cartons and refrigerated. Our eggs are not candled or graded so are considered UNINSPECTED and UNGRADED. We only sell them to end consumers for personal use only we do not sell them to restaurants, wholesalers or grocery stores.

Our delicious free-range eggs can be ordered by emailing us at We no longer ship eggs with orders due to the added packaging costs and the losses we experienced due to breakage and freezing. They are only available if you come to our little country store located 20 minutes east of Calgary (271097 Inverlake Road). Our eggs are not available inside our store, but if you inquire we can get them for you as they are stored in a different location. Our eggs sell very fast, so please pre-order them by Mondays to be added to our list!

  • Large – $7/dozen
  • Extra Large – $8/dozen

We are happy to take back cartons and re-use them!