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TK Ranch
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Calgary SE – WED Aug 23
Order Deadline is Monday August 21
Calgary ALL – SAT Aug 26
Order Deadline is Monday August 21
Calgary SE – WED Aug 30
Order Deadline is Monday August 28

Return of the Wild


2017 is another banner year for wildlife on TK Ranch, especially for pelicans. We have hundreds living on our Ducks Unlimited projects this summer. Until a few years a go we never saw pelicans on the ranch, but they have been summer residents now for about a decade. My husband remembers that they rarely saw wildlife on the ranch in the 1960s. I am not sure why, but I expect much was either hunted or pushed out when the settlers came a century ago. Back then every quarter section had a homestead, but this country emptied out once the dirty thirties took their toll. There was barely enough grass or crops to feed people and livestock at that time, let alone wildlife. It takes time for the land to heal, and what we are seeing is very good news for wildlife. It seems like every year things get better and more and more species return. Maybe one day we will have the resources to protect this special place forever. We will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Bone Broth

Let it Rest

Meal time is always a bit crazy on TK Ranch; we never know when we are going to eat because of the work we have to get done in a day. Often I will prepare a meal right before everyone walks in the door so it’s hot, including steaks. I had heard that you should always let steaks relax after cooking for a better eating experience, but I’d never actually tried this. Unlike mainstream processors who routinely put their steaks through a what is called a needling machine to improve tenderness, we don’t do this. Instead we rely on proper management of our livestock to ensure a good eating experience. I decided that a bit of experimenting was in order to see if there was any truth to the resting rhetoric. I pan fried a ribeye steak and as soon as it was done to medium rare I cut a piece off and tried it. It wasn’t tough, but it wasn’t overly tender either. I then removed it from the pan and covered it with a lid for 10 minutes. My second bite was a completely different experience — the meat was substantially more tender. This convinced me to slow down and plan my meals with a bit of grace time before serving. This will give everyone time to relax, including the steaks.

Soy-Free Chicken

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