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How do you know it’s really grass-fed?

We sent out this email newsletter today, and are publishing it here on the blog for anyone who missed it. Want to receive our newsletter by email? Subscribe here. How do you know it’s really grass-fed? Many producers are entering the marketplace advertising their meat products as grass-fed, but what does this actually mean? Unfortunately the definition of grass-fed is not regulated in Canada yet, so producers are free to decide what grass-fed means to them and raise their animals… Read More »

Understanding Ecoli and the Food Industry

The recent XL Foods recall has a lot of people worried. We have received several calls and emails from consumers wanting to know if the meat from TK Ranch is safe to eat. Understanding how e-coli gets into the food chain is the best place to start. Cattle that are fed grain often develop unhealthy bacteria in their system because they are not designed to digest high carbohydrate diets — ruminant animals should be fed grass and forages to keep… Read More »