Custom Meat Processing

Custom Meat Processing Central Alberta

TK Ranch is now offering quality custom meat processing services to family farms and ranches in east-central Alberta. Beautifully cut and trimmed roasts and steaks to your specifications – all vacuum packaged to extend freezer life! Our facility is located right on TK Ranch, 26 kms south of Coronation and 55 kms  northeast of Hanna. We process livestock every Monday and offer a 14 day age time for beef. If you want a longer hang-time we charge an extra $5/day and need to know this at booking please! 

We started direct marketing our own brand of meat products in 1995 and since that time we have used many custom processors. We know there is nothing more frustrating than investing your time and money into properly finishing livestock only to receive poorly trimmed, cut and packaged meat products. Not to mention how the animals are treated prior to processing. More importantly, when we process your beef you get your own ground beef back. We DO NOT commingle trim from several customers in our cutting room. 

We built our own on-farm government inspected processing facility so we could control all aspects of the quality equation – from treating an animal with respect at processing to properly cut and packaged products. Additionally, all value-added processed meats are made without gluten, MSG, nitrites, dairy, sugar, corn, fillers and binders. All spices and seasoning are also certified organic.

Please contact us to book your processing date or if you have any other questions.

Meat Processing Fees

When we did a comparison of our pricing to several other facilities we discovered that while their cut/wrap charge was a bit lower, they charged people for grinding, boning out roasts and several other services  which added a lot to the end cost. In the end our pricing was very competitive. Our price includes cutting and grinding – even better we vacuum package everything to prevent freezer burn, extend storage life and for an easy mess fee thaw – no more soggy brown wrapped packages!

Want us to split up your beef into halves or quarters? We don’t charge a fee to split a beef into 2 equal halves, but charge $10 per split for quarters. So if you want a beef half split into 2 mixed quarters (dividing a half evenly between 2 people) you will be charged and additional $20. This is to cover our time to split, box, weigh and invoice each person. PLEASE NOTE: If you want your beef divided into mixed quarters the cutting must be the same for both quarters – it’s difficult to cut quarters on the same beef half differently and don’t offer this service. Thanks for your understanding.


Beef (UTM) $110.00/head
Beef (OTM) $135.00/head (mature bulls will be considered, but add $50)
Pigs $70.00/head (skinned only) – LIMITED AVAILABILITY ONLY IN OCT & NOV


All livestock $8.00/head


All livestock $0.11/lb on hot hanging weight


Based on the hot hanging weight
Unlike other processors that charge between $0.35 and $0.50/lb for grinding, this is included in our prices.
Additionally we vacuum package all of product to prevent freezer burn and many processors charge $0.40 to $1.00//lb for this service. This is included in our price of $1.15/lb. All product will be labelled with the item name and weight of the package – a service few other processors offer. All meat will be boxed for transportation, all boxes are $1.75 each.


Stew, Stirfry or Minute Steaks $0.90/lb 
Fresh Sausages (breakfast, bratwurst, chorizo, fennel, Italian, hot Italian) $2.00/lb (25 lb min)
Patties (plain, 6 oz) $1.65/lb (25 lb min)
Patties (seasoned, 6 oz) $1.85/lb (25 lb min)
Bacon/Ham curing/smoking (nitrite free) $1.75/lb

STORAGE: We will charge $5/day for any product that is not picked up within 7 days of being called.