How does the order process work?

GENERAL DELIVERY INFORMATION: We offer affordable weekly home delivery to many communities across Alberta. We negotiated very reasonable same day delivery rates from a local Alberta based courier. These rates include delivery of up to two large 12X12X12 inch insulated boxes to your home, which usually covers most orders placed. If you place a larger order, any additional boxes will be charged at $5 each which is still a good rate. Please note, we only deliver one day a week to keep our delivery fees at a lower rate. Some people ask why we don’t offer free delivery. Our margins are very narrow because of the way we raise and finish our livestock. To offer free delivery we’d have to increase our prices substantially to cover these costs. When we polled our customers they preferred that we keep our prices static and charge a flat delivery fee instead.

ORDER DEADLINE: To accomplish our weekly order fulfilment responsibilities we have an order deadline. We only have one person filling orders and time management is important to accomplish the required tasks. Orders need to be received before Sunday at midnight for delivery the following Friday. We can’t accept late orders, or changes or additions to an order, after the order deadline. If you place an order for pick-up we ask 24 to 48 hours to fill it. Thanks for your understanding.

ORDER PROCESS: Please see the order process below which includes troubleshooting tips in the event you’re having difficulties placing an order:

1.  Place your order: Go to our online store and select the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. If you can’t select an item that means it’s out of stock. We add beef and pork inventory to our online store weekly, chicken every few weeks and lamb seasonally. If you change the quantity of an item please make sure you update your cart before you continue shopping or check out. Otherwise the changes won’t be saved. If you see something you’d like to order, but it’s out of stock, please check back later or add it to your wish list (we don’t see your wish list, that’s a tool for you to keep track of items you’re interested in).

Order tip: Some people place multiple orders as items they’d like to order become available. This allows them to order high demand items, like bacon, when they become available.  We’re happy to combine several orders for you and only charge one delivery fee. If you place multiple orders for delivery on the same day, they all must be received before the order deadline. We also ask that you put into the comments section “one of multiple orders” to alert us that you have several orders in the system.

Once you’ve selected everything you’d like to order click the orange checkout button;

2. Customer Information: After you click the checkout button, you will be asked to enter your address information. There are some important details you need to pay attention to because they affect the delivery fee applied to your invoice. Make sure you select your city/town from the PROVINCE dropdown menu in both the billing and shipping fields. If you don’t do this the system will apply a random delivery location, like Medicine Hat, and apply an incorrect delivery fee to your invoice. For example, we charge $45 to deliver to Medicine Hat. Luckily we can change this after the fact, because we don’t charge your card immediately (see below), but we’d rather not have people alarmed when they’re charged an incorrect amount.  Once you have completed filling in this information, there’s a box below that gives you the option of setting up an account. If you set up an account, only your customer information and previous order history are saved in the system. We don’t store any credit card information for security reasons. Once you’ve set up an account (or not) click continue;














3. Details: The next page allows you to select your shipping and payment methods. The drop down menu shows the delivery amount you’ll be charged based on what you entered on the previous page. Please note there’s also a pick-up option available under the drop-down menu for customers that don’t want their orders delivered (see below). Select this option if you’re picking up to prevent a delivery fee being applied to your invoice. We only accept credit cards for payment at this time, these include Visa MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Please note, when you place your order we only take a preauthorization, we don’t charge your card. This allows us to edit your invoice in the event you add or remove an item, cancel your order or if your box count exceeds the base delivery fee. If you have a gift certificate, please enter your number into the field at the right. Your invoice will automatically be reduced by the amount of the gift  certificate. Once completed click continue;










4. Payment: The next page is where you enter your credit card details. IMPORTANT: Since we use Moneris as our third party payment processor, some browsers, like CHROME and SAFARI, might not always work. These browsers want to track your cookies and our website doesn’t allow this. Some  people occasionally experience the page going blank when they click continue and end up back at the beginning of the order process. If this happens USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER like Firefox or Opera. We’ve noticed this sometimes happens to people using an iPad and we suggest using a different device if possible.















5. Review: The next page is where you review your order and address details and select whether you’re going to pick up or have your order delivered. We offer curbside pick up at our store east of Chestermere or three different home delivery dates you can select from. You have the option of having your order delivered to a residential or business address. Below this section there is a delivery instructions box where you need to tell us what day you’d like to pick up your order OR where you’d like the courier to place your boxes. Please note that these are mandatory fields marked by red asterisks – if you don’t fill them in you won’t be able to process your order. Once completed click process order;











6. Order Results: This last page confirms that you’ve successfully placed your order. It lists the items you purchased and the delivery fee applied to your invoice. It also gives you an order number and tells you that you’ll be sent a confirmation email. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please check your junk folder as they sometimes end up there. If you didn’t receive one contact us at 403-854-8532 and we’ll confirm we received your order.











ORDER FULFILMENT: As we receive orders, we sort them into whether they’re being picked up or delivered. Pick up orders are sorted based on the date requested. It usually takes us 24-48 hours to fill a pick up order. Once filled we send out an email stating it’s ready. Please don’t drive out to pick up unless you’ve received an email and check your junk folder. You’re also welcome to call our office at 403-854-8532 to check on your order status. Orders placed for delivery are sorted into the delivery date selected.  As soon as the order deadline has passed, we immediately start filling orders for delivery the following Friday. Once an order is filled, we liaise with the courier to complete the required shipping documents and acquire identification labels that are applied to the boxes. Boxed orders are stored in our freezer at -25C until the courier arrives at 6:00 AM Friday morning to pick them up.

HOME DELIVERY: Our orders are split into Alberta North and Alberta south and sent with two different courier drivers on Friday mornings. The orders are then taken to warehouses in both Calgary and Edmonton and sorted for delivery the same day. Orders are delivered between 9-5:30 PM in Calgary and 11-7:00 PM in Edmonton. Other communities will vary depending on where they’re located, but will be delivered the same day. If you haven’t received your order within the times mentioned above, please call us at 403-854-8532 to track your order. Please don’t email us because we’re not in the office at that time.

If you have questions about the order process please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!