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TK Ranch

Bald Eagle

Before moving to TK Ranch I had been actively involved with the environmental movement. So when I relocated to the outer reaches of rural Alberta to start a family I was met with suspicion by of the locals. I was labeled as a “coyote-loving, tree hugging animal rights activist”. I guess there are worse labels. So when a local vet was looking for someone to assist him with a wildlife rescue the logical person to call was me. Someone had brought him a hawk and he didn’t know what to do with it so I headed into town to take a look.

What I found in his cat cage was an endangered Peregrine Falcon that had obviously hit a barbed wire fence and severed its wing. The vet gave me the falcon and I called Fish and Wildlife for direction. It’s against the law to transport an endangered species so I wanted to cover my assets. Shortly after reporting the bird, Fish and Wildlife showed up at my door to investigate and this started my relationship with injured wildlife and their rescue and rehabilitation. That was in 2001.

Finding a wildlife rehabilitation center that I could support was initially challenging, but after meeting Carol Kelly from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre (MRWC) near Raven, Alberta I knew I had found the right fit. She took the Peregrine Falcon and once it had been rehabilitated it was placed into a captive breeding program where having only one wing was not an issue. Soon after TK Ranch became a satellite for the MRWC where Fish and Wildlife, or local citizens from our area, could bring injured wildlife to receive emergency first aid. From TK Ranch these wild patients were then transported via volunteer relay to the MRWC for treatment, rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

Injured Merlin

We’ve been working with Carol and her crew for a lot of years and you will be hard pressed to find anyone as passionate about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation than them. Last week Carol called and asked if I could meet a volunteer coming in from Lethbridge via Medicine Hat with an injured Merlin. This was not a problem and I happily took the bird off his hands, seen to the right, but wondered why there weren’t more volunteers to assist with the driving. Carol told me that she needs more volunteers so I thought I would reach out to our customers to see if anyone would be interested in helping. You don’t need to have any prior experience, just a willingness to drive. Most wild patients are in closed cardboard boxes and are easy to transport. They need to be kept quiet so noise while being transported needs to be kept to a minimum. So if you don’t mind driving a bit you could really help injured wildlife. Please give Carol or her daughter Erin a call at (403) 728-3467 and tell them that Colleen from TK Ranch suggested you contact them about becoming a volunteer relay driver for injured wildlife. Thanks for your help!

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Animal Welfare Approved -grassfed- Colleen Biggs

All the best,
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch

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