Keeping things local and sustainable

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We received an interesting call the other day that may be a positive indication of shifting consumer trends. A fellow representing Loblaws (Superstore) called and said that one of the directors had been following our program for a while and had put a motion forward at their last meeting to carry a line of TK Ranch grass-fed beef products nationwide.

We had to tell him that we were too small to supply them and that the system that supports large retail outlets (federally inspected processing plants) was not aligned with our program parameters. It would be impossible to exercise the degree of control we currently have over how our animals are handled and treated at slaughter. Interfacing with a large retail outlet would force us to compromise our values.

In addition to this we have started to focus our energies on developing direct to consumer relationships over selling to stores. This allows us to connect directly with those families that value how we steward our land and animals and offers them the opportunity to learn how their food is being raised first hand. Regardless, it’s good to see that mainstream retailers are starting to venture out into the hinterlands of what we consider as the ethical food movement.