TK Ranch Grassfed Beef

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Sitting down to enjoy a good home cooked meal starts with having the right ingredients — especially when it comes to the grass-fed beef. There’s nothing like the smell of a slow roasting prime rib to make children set the table early. Or a couple of great steaks sizzling on the fire to bring a spouse to the kitchen in anticipation.

On TK Ranch the quality of our grass-fed beef is very important to us. As one of the first families in Alberta to produce and market strictly grass-fed beef, we take pride knowing that our products are thoroughly enjoyed by our customers. But this is not an easy task; it can take up to two and a half years to produce quality grass-fed beef — that is almost a year longer than other producers selling what they think is a comparable product — and that is not where it ends. You can also rest assured that all animals destined for our program have never received antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, animal by-products, chemical insecticides and ionophores from birth.

Making sure our beef is dry-aged to perfection is also top of mind. This rare process adds tremendous flavour and tenderness to our products and ensures a quality eating experience time after time. It also adds great value because dry aging results in products that do not shrink as much when they are cooked. Some of the finest chefs in Calgary did yield tests on our beef and found that ours only shrank 12% compared to our competitors that shrank 18% — significant when you are comparing apples to apples, or in this case, grass-fed beef.

We also extend the freezer life of our products by vacuum packaging them instead of using brown paper. Simply thaw in cool water, or in the fridge overnight, and prepare using your favourite recipes.

TK Ranch premium grass-fed beef is truly an Alberta original. Raised and finished on the same wild prairie that the buffalo once roamed, it offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy a flavour of the old west.

While we offer many individual cuts, TK Ranch Grassfed Beef is also sold by the half, quarter and eighth. You can also opt to substitute some of your ground beef with smoked meats, fresh sausages, and beef patties.

Sharing with friends or family?

We will gladly divide a half into as many as four equal portions and a quarter into two equal portions (as closely as possible) for a small fee. We will weigh, box, invoice and individually identify each person’s portion so all you have to do is hand out the boxes on your end.