Returns & Refunds

TK Ranch will accept returns for product that is in its original condition (frozen and unopened) as long as we are notified within 7 days of receipt of delivery. Please send an email describing why you are returning the product and include the delivery date you received the product and your order number. A 15% restocking fee may apply and we reserve the right to determine who is charged a fee and who is not. Due to our delivery schedule, you will have to maintain the product in its original condition until the next available delivery date. A refund will be given only after we have received the returned product.

If you choose to return product that has already been opened please keep the unused portion, freeze it and contact us as soon as possible with your reason. We can either refund the purchase price of the product or replace it during our next scheduled delivery date. In either circumstance we require you to present the unused portion before a refund/exchange can be made. We reserve the right to decide if your request is reasonable and whether or not we will offer you a refund or exchange. Thanks for your understanding.

We also reserve the right to update these policies, and will post them here.

Best regards,
TK Ranch