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Buying direct from TK Ranch is an economical choice for many families — with free delivery to our Calgary and Edmonton pick up locations (check our Delivery Dates page for our calendar and pick up locations).

  • Grassfed Beef

    Grassfed Beef

    Order TK Ranch's luscious dry-aged grass-fed beef — steaks, prime rib, roasts, stewing beef, ground beef, pepperoni sticks, beef jerky and sausage.

  • Heritage Pasture Raised Pork

    Heritage Pasture
    Raised Pork

    Try our Heritage Pasture-Raised pork — your choice of pork chops, cutlets, roasts, pork ribs, sausages ... and everyone's favorite, bacon!

  • Grassfed Lamb

    Grassfed Lamb

    Shop for delectable TK Ranch grass-fed lamb. Whether your choice is a whole or half lamb, you'll get rack of lamb, lamb chops, leg of lamb, sweet and sour cut ribs and more!

  • Soy-Free Chicken

    Soy-Free Chicken

    Try our delicious Soy-Free Chicken — whole chickens, wings, drums, thighs, organ meats, lean ground chicken, boneless and skinless half breasts ... the works!

  • Free Range Turkey

    Free Range Turkey

    Fresh air, sunshine, clean water and nutritious grains make our free-range turkeys succulent and delicious — but they are a limited offering, so order yours today!

  • Bulk Buys

    Bulk Buys

    This is our new new Bulk Buys Category.

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