Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

Animal Welfare Approved
On TK Ranch, the quality of our grass-fed beef products is very important to us. To create a grassfed beef product like ours takes a lot of time and caring effort, and for years we have received wonderful feedback from our customers about the exceptional flavour and quality of our products.

All of our products are well trimmed and vacuum packaged. Our ground beef and stew are at least 85% lean. All of our processed meats are made with lean ground beef with no added fat. In addition to this, they are made without MSG, gluten, milk products, nitrites, nitrates, sulphites, added colour or artificial preservatives.

You can also rest assured that all animals destined for our program have never received sub-therapeutic antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, animal by-products, chemical insecticides or ionophores (feed antibiotics) from birth.

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