Help! Feed A Cow

Help! Feed A Cow

Animal Welfare Approved

We need your help to feed our cows!

2021 has been a very difficult year for many farm and ranch families. Heatwaves and widespread drought have destroyed grain, forage and hay crops from from eastern Ontario, across the prairies to BC and south into Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana. This has made winter feed almost impossible to find and what is available has been priced so high that it's almost impossible to afford. 

We planted 600 acres of winter feed crops this year and a lack of rain, coupled with the heatwave in July, destroyed them. We need approximately 3,300 large round bales of winter feed to get us through the coming winter. We only harvested just over 300 bales on the ranch so you can appreciate how devastating it's been.

We've been working our hearts out to provide Alberta families with high quality nutrient dense meat products for decades. It's very expensive to raise livestock to the highest pasture based animal welfare standards in North America. We anticipate it will cost $5/day to feed a cow if we factor in our fuel, utilities and other yardage expenses. Raising our prices to offset these increased feed costs would make our products unaffordable for most families.

It's going to take a community to get us through the coming winter. Please consider helping us feed our animals, every little bit counts!

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