TK Ranch offers humanely raised, quality grass-finished beef and lamb, heritage pasture raised pork, free-run soy-free chicken, free-range soy-free eggs and turkey. We offer the following testimonials from our customers.

So delicious! TK Ranch Chicken breasts rubbed with butter and spices, wrapped in parchment paper, baked in oven. We don’t even want to order in any more!!

Janet Reinigar

For the most humanely-raised, earth friendly, possible natural grass-fed beef that is high in inflammation fighting health promoting omega 3’s (the good fats) give TK Ranch a try! They are who I support with my meat purchases because if I am going to purchase meat I would rather do it this way. Thank you TK Ranch! 


I just received and sampled my first delivery. Hands down the best pork chops we have ever had!! We will be buying from TK Ranch routinely now. Thank you for supplying such a fantastic product.

Ken Waddington

I just wanted to reach out to you folks because I received my first order last Friday and it was phenomenal! I have been a vegetarian for three years but with my work in sustainable agriculture at the University of Alberta I have been looking for ways to cut down on the environmental impact of my food. A long process of research led me to your farm and all of the absolutely amazing land stewardship and animal welfare work that you are doing there. I am so proud to be supporting a business with unwavering ethics and high quality products and I cannot wait to tell everyone about you!

Angeline Letourneau
Sherwood Park

I wanted to thank you for the information and for the ethical treatment of your animals.  I was vegan for many years due to the challenges of coming to terms with the animal welfare of the big producers. When I decided to reintroduce meat to my diet, I went on a search to find the right organization to support in keeping with my ethics. I am happy to be able to purchase products that I am not ashamed to eat or serve  Thank you again. 

Monica  Giroux

We’ve now sampled all of the meat that we bought and loved it all. I slow roasted the chicken on the BBQ and finished it on high heat to brown the skin and it was perhaps the most delicious chicken ever 🙂 The skirt steaks were amazing and the pork shank very tasty. And I make your ground beef into ground beef steak by folding it in half over very thinly sliced limes and very thinly sliced yam …. yummy delicious. We shall be buying all of our meat from you .. thanks.

Grant Moberly

Thank you and yours so much for working so hard to produce the best meat we have EVER had! Your beef liver is to die for and I suspect many people who turn their nose up at liver would enjoy yours. More importantly, very sincere thanks for putting such huge effort into holding your course of ethically producing the best food possible and educating the public about it. Hopefully enough (brainwashed by industrial food system) consumers will realize the incredible value your food provides and support your farm so we will always have the opportunity of providing our families with the best!

Janet Marshall

I just finished reading your newsletter. I read them all. I always want to say thank you, so I finally am. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram and I’m so grateful for you guys and what you do. I wish I could give back in a bigger way. I share posts and recommend you to everyone. I do wish I could share your emails, you always have such a great message and keep us informed about the obstacles and decisions you face every day. I hope you get emails like this everyday to keep you hopeful during rough times. I hope you know as a collective, we’ve got you. Your success is very important to us. Your hard work is working. Thank you, thank you, thank you and oh, how I love your pictures!

Laurie Francis

I just want to say that we bought a mixed bulk pkg from you guys a few weeks ago – the economy lovers – and you guys surpassed our expectations immensely! We used to buy a half of a cow down from a ranch in Medicine Hat that was grass-fed and it was the best there, but you guys beat them out! Thank you so much and can’t wait to try the Fine bulk mix and/or start ordering 1/8, 1/4 cow etc.

Ps. The Fennel sausages were so good I wanted to eat the entire pkg myself!

Shannon Haggart
Medicine Hat

I am from Edmonton, and I have been ordering meat from TK Ranch for quite a few years now. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the home delivery program. Even though the first run was pretty icy, which made it difficult for the drivers, my order was delivered in great shape. The packaging was fantastic!! Even my eggs arrived in perfect condition. What a great idea. I have already placed another order for December!!!!!!!

Dianna Lynn

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed coming out to your property on Saturday to Open Farm Days. As a city kid, I found it so very interesting. It is really embarrassing how little I know about where my food comes from, livestock, or farming practices in general. It looks and sounds like you guys are doing a really good job taking very good care of your animals which is appreciated – lets face it – every domesticated animal is at the mercy of whomever owns it at any given time. I am really happy to continue to buy from you because of that – but also because the beef and chicken we purchase has always been so very good. I hope that business continues to be very good for you all – and that you can spread the word of your good practices  to other ranchers. Thanks again for the great day – despite the smoke and wind. Loved the burger and the ice cream sandwich too!

Margaret Scrivens

I picked up my first TK Ranch order this past Saturday. So far, my husband and I have eaten the chicken, some bacon, some liver, some steak, and a few eggs. We just wanted to let you know how happy we are! The meat tastes so good, and the eggs taste like eggs should taste! We are so happy we found you. We are looking forward to our next order.

Lori Jacobs

I stopped by the store on Inverlake Road today and picked up cottage pork chops. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful! The chops were the best we’ve had in ages and so reasonably priced for such amazing flavorful pork. The beef garlic sausage is a total winner, great seasoning and no nitrates. We’ll be back for more. Please put up a new sign so you’re easier to find, lol.

Rian G.

We got our first order from you guys last week! What a difference in the taste. It was amazing! We will never shop the grocery store for beef again 🙂

Lindsay M.

We tried the chicken wings for the first time tonight. Delicious! Everything we have tried in the last few years has been so good. We are now spoiled and cannot consume meat from any other source! Thank you for all that you do to provide Alberta with safe and top quality meats.

Daphne Smith

Thank you for raising the standard of farming. We just completed our first order with you. I had stopped eating red meat altogether, because I didn’t agree with the practices of the big farm industry. But, after finding your web page, I believe in what you are doing. Excited to try my first ethically sourced steak this weekend. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

Jill V.

Confession: I’ve never cooked lamb chops before. Today I BBQ’d 2 of your large chops and they were amazing! I made a simple rub of olive oil, rosemary and pepper. You have made a lamb-lover out of me! We’ll be ordering more on our next order. WOW!

Lorie G.

I just want to write you and thank you for what you do. Not long ago, I would buy meat at the store and not even think twice about where it came from. But after doing some research and learning more about factory farming and the quality of meat, I decided it was better for my family to consume meat that came from a place that cared about their animals and treated them humanely. That’s when I found out about TK Ranch! I absolutely love what you stand for and we love your products. The meat tastes better and I feel good feeding my family meat that is raised on the land and cared for properly. I know it would be easy for most farmers to fall prey to the lure of big industry, so I just want to say thank you for keeping true to your values and providing families with the best quality meat and animal products. I will never buy meat from the regular grocery store again. I’m a TK Ranch supporter for life!

Jennifer G.

Good Evening. I have ordered a few times with you, the process has been easy and I appreciate what you offer to keep my family healthy. Purchasing food has become a very stressful environment as an educated consumer, you make decisions on what to feed my family a lot more comfortable. I was that consumer who wanted the best meat for the cheapest price truly not even considering where it came from … in my more mature age I now really care. I used to eat steak a lot almost every day, now because I am aware of what I was supporting I choose to support farms like you. It is very important to me that the food I eat is ethically raised, yes you cost more but we as a family eat less meat to support our choice, I do not want ever to support factory farms. Thank you for what you do and offer, I will continue to support your efforts.

Karin R.

I used to be a customer of yours years ago before I moved out of the province. I just recently moved to a farm in Cape Breton with the intention of owning laying hens. I am writing because when we ordered our meat through you guys we discovered your eggs and they were literally the best eggs my partner and I have ever had. We seriously have not found a better egg to this day. I was hoping you could tell me what brand of feed you used so that I can hopefully order it out here.

Tierra M.
Cape Breton, NS

Thank you so much for having the pork belly available in the product list and even the sliced ones 🙂 I’m so happy for this as roasted pork belly flavoured with herbs is one of my fave comfort foods 🙂
More power!

Melanie A.

So happy you are now delivering to Red Deer :). Not going to miss the 3 hour round trip on pickup day! Your principles and practices are the only thing that’s kept me from returning to a meat-free lifestyle. Many family members are now converted and we keep spreading the word.

Dawn W.
Blackfalds, Alberta

I got my first order from TK Ranch about a month ago. Just want to rave about your pork. There is such a tremendous difference in taste and texture. I’ve even kept some of the bacon fat (which I would never do with conventional bacon due to the high chemical content) to brown roasts and onions with. So good!

Holly R.

I did a lot of researching through the internet about safe and healthy meat products and I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you from the top to the bottom. Your website is extremely well put together and most informative. Your entire operation from how you handle your animals humanly, to grass-fed and finished, keeping out all the pesticides and fillers and such, I can not begin to thank you enough. Thank you so much again, for what you all do.

David R.

We’ve been ordering from you for a bit now, and I want to provide the feedback that your products are simply second to none. The meats are flavorable and remind me of my earlier years when I was blessed to eat meat from my Grandparents ranch. The order process and pick up process couldn’t be easier. So happy that we have become your customers. It is just my husband and I in our home and the package size options are wonderful.  We have recommended you to many friends.

Laureen M.

Thank you very much. I checked the order and everything is correct. I look forward to receiving my next shipment. I must say, though, that my wife is disappointed in you folks. She can’t eat anywhere other than home now and not notice how terrible the meat tastes. She says she’s becoming a food snob and it’s my fault.

I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thanks for being awesome.

Nick F.

I just wanted to thank you for the best beef I have tasted for years. That is how beef used to taste and I had forgotten how good it could be. My family ranched down west of Nanton and it was normal in my childhood for meat to be this good. I am recommending you to everyone who cares about what they put in their bodies. I really love that you use no GMO’s and hormones. Thank you again. My friend told me about your ranch. Just awesome from the meat to the service!!!

Judy Q.
Carbon, Alberta

Dear Colleen and family, Darren and I recently sold our home in Exshaw and moved out of the province in a transition to Australia. TK Ranch has been part of our lives for years now and we will miss you. Your products and philosophy are outstanding. Thank you for serving such great food.

Josephine D.

Used a chuck roast yesterday for pot roast. Meat was delightfully tender and flavorful. My family agreed that the Christmas turkey was as yummy as the one we cooked at Thanksgiving. I used Colleen’s recipe for stuffing and my grandsons went back for thirds! Thank you for your product: I appreciate how much work it must take.

Pauline E.

We have been ordering from TK ranch for almost 2 years now. I can’t tell you how fortunate we are for finding it. The meat is superior quality, and everything is delicious. Colleen is so great at answering any questions we have. I recommend TK ranch to anybody!

Sabrina M.

I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your website, your approach to raising healthy beef and poultry and your approach to customer service. It’s a breath of fresh air in an age when big agra, big food and big pharma are polluting the food we eat, poisoning our children from the day they are born and inflicting unnecessary suffering on helpless animals, all in the name of bigger profits. It’s unfortunate that many people may feel they can’t afford to buy your products, but they would be better off going without beef and poultry than continue to eat the products typically available in local stores. I hope that what you are doing will serve as a model for other ranchers!

Bruce K.

I love jerky, it is the best type of snack for any time of the day. I’ve had good and I’ve had bad, but I would have to say that TK Ranch would definitely compare with some of the BEST! It reminds me of Freybe beef jerky, my favorite kind as a kid growing up. I was disappointed when they discontinued that product. For me, it felt like the world was over… I stumbled across your products in the freezer section of a COMMUNITY NATURAL FOODS store, man am I ever glad I did. I have found my favorite jerky company replacement 🙂

Melenee J.

I wanted to send along a note saying thank you for supplying such a great product. We ordered a 1/4 of a pork, our first time ever ordering a bulk supply of meat and it is honestly the best meat we have ever eaten. I didn’t know pork could be this juicy and flavourful! I am a full time student and my boyfriend is in an entry level job and we saved up enough money to try to eat more ethically and to stop supporting mass marketed meat and we could not be any happier. You guys are doing wonderful work!! We will be ordering a 1/8 of a cow in the new year! Could not be any more satisfied with the product and your wonderful customer service.

Stephanie H.,
Calgary, AB

Thank you so very much! Not only for answering my question so quickly, but for what you, and everyone at TK do. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have found you, and to be able to tell others about you. What you all are doing is so profound and wonderful. I work as an Animal Health Technologist in Calgary and for years I have struggled with knowledge about our meat industry that most people don’t get to hear. You have liberated me, and given me hope that change will happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Highest Regards,
Joni M.

I just want to say that i had your chicken wings for supper and i don’t think i will go back to store bought again. I was expecting tiny wings and boy was I wrong. They hardly had any fat and had a ton of meat. Thank you for your awesome products and we will certainly be back for more. We have also purchased 1/4 beef and are very pleased with it. I am pretty sure the supermarket won’t see us for a while in regards to buying our meat. One happy customer.

The Gear Family
Spruce Grove, AB

I just want to say that I picked up my first order from you yesterday and you were extremely pleasant to deal with and my order came packaged so well. I didn’t know what to expect and I was very pleased. I roasted my chickens for supper this evening for my company and they were absolutely superb!! I just finished placing my second order!Thanks and looking forward to many more orders.


I just wanted to let you know that after ordering meat from your ranch now for the last several months, there is absolutely no way we could ever purchase meat from a grocery store again. The adult children living at home have become very accustomed to the flavor and tenderness of the high quality products supplied by your ranch (and now the adult children will likely never leave home). As someone who grew up on a farm and was raised on such meat, it is a return to childhood memories. As a “meatetarian”, I am thrilled to know I can continue with my favored diet by eating healty, humanely raised meat products. Your website is very informative. It answered every question I had when beginning my quest for healthier alternatives. I may have to purchase a larger freezer!

Lynn J.

Just thought I’d let you know I really enjoyed my first experience with your beef and chicken! I thought there was a noticeable improvement in flavor over feedlot beef and the chicken was SO juicy! In my opinion, the improved flavor of the meats and the fact that my purchases support a better life for the animals I eat and better stewardship of the land makes the increased cost worth it. Thanks for the tasty treats! 😀

Irvin M.

I just thought I’d send you a little thank-you message to you and your family for providing me with such tasty meat. It was exactly what I was looking for. It has such a unique taste that I can’t get enough of. I do know my next order will have to be larger because I’m going through this one pretty quick!

Thanks again,

Just wanted to write and say THANKS!! I have had steaks and some ground out of my order, and the eggs I picked up. ALL OF THEM WERE AMAZING. Tasted great, and the way you package them makes for super easy thawing. Will DEFINITELY order again.


Hello! Just wanted to pass on how much my husband and I are enjoying our order so far! We devoured the breakfast sausages (delicious) and the chicken burgers I made using the ground chicken were the best we’ve had. We can’t wait to grill some of those steaks tonight. The superior quality is evident in your products. I also appreciate the packaging which is convenient and easy to store in the freezer. But the most important factor for me is the treatment of the animals. It was your commitment to animal welfare that sets you apart from the other choices out there. I am a strong believer in treating animals with care and respect! My entire experience with you so far has been awesome. I was late arriving to the Superstore to pick up my order (I went to the wrong location! oops) and the ladies were so very patient and friendly with me. I hope to never purchase meat products from a grocery store again, so long as I can order from you. THANK YOU for doing what you do.

Sonia & Brad M.

Thanks Colleen! I just want to say again how much I appreciate the way you run your ranch. I can’t imagine buying my meat from anywhere else! Literally. I hope you and your family can always continue to ethically raise and process the animals we depend on for food.

Nola, D.

I have been ordering for the last 5 years or so. I love the quality, the packaging and the Team! I order for myself and friends. It has expanded over the years with my friends whom are ordering. I can’t say enough good things about the service I receive and knowing where my meat is coming from. I love stocking my freezer up and enjoying not having to shop for meat at the grocery store! Thank you!

Tamara R.

My husband and I wanted to share what a lovely retail experience we had when picking up our first order of meat from TK Ranch. It was a cold November day, and we were met with such warm hearts. Colleen & Dylan greeted us with such sincerity, and huge smiles. This family represents the good in the world. They are the type of people you would love to have as neighbours, or family! The pick up system they created was so convenient, we picked up 5 minutes from our home.

We are looking forward to making a positive change in our life — by switching to ethical grass fed animals. By the way Colleen and Dylan talked so lovingly about their farm — you can be sure they love their animals. No growth hormones or antibiotics! Just pure, delicious meat — the way we were intended to eat. We just finished cooking our first beef roast, and it was the best meat I ever tasted. Not only that, but all the meat we received was labeled so nicely — so easy to find what we are looking for in our freezer! We will NOT be able to eat or buy supermarket meat ever again.

TK Ranch is another piece of the puzzle in our journey in health and wellness. Thank you for harvesting such a great product, and for your love of animals and the earth!

Emily and Kyle Corner

I wanted to let you know that I was in a chill cook off at my work today. We had 8 competitors and about 70 people tasted. I used all organic ingredients and of course grass fed beef from TK Ranch, which I told every person who tried!! They thought it was so neat and were very interested that I told them the farm the beef was coming from. I ended up winning first place and thought I would let you know as the main reason was the great tasting beef! Your orders should increase in Edmonton as a result! 

Andy M.

I was just taking inventory in our freezer and I realized that we needed to order some more wonderful meat from TK Ranch. I had been putting it off because I didn’t want to co-ordinate the delivery, making sure someone would be home or getting delivered to my husband’s work. So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on and see your new delivery systems. Can I say that I love it! What a great idea! Saturday’s and close to home no less. Thank you, this just makes it one step easier to buy local, healthy meat for my family.


I wanted to write and let you know that our family, friends and relatives thought your turkey was the best that they had ever eaten. Delicious and juicy. You are obviously doing something right! I feel better knowing I ate a happy turkey and not one locked up in a cage and in distress. Thank you for making our Thanksgiving feast so tasty!

Leah H.

I just wanted to thank you for the clear and concise blog on your processing methods. I have been urging people to take a closer look at the meat they have been eating for years. (mostly end up talking to blank faces) I love quality meats and have had an issue with the handling of the animals since my summer job working for Paletta Bros in Burlington Ont. I actually became a vegetarian until I found producers who understood the value of a humanitarian approach to the treatment of animals overall. I am relatively new to Calgary and have refused to change my standards. I shop at Natural Foods on 10th Ave SW and commend you on your choice of distributor. It’s not always easy having higher standards and I applaud you sticking with yours. By the way I heard of you because I went looking.


Just wanted to say many, many thanks!!! I’m growing more and more concerned about industrial farming and it’s impact on the environment as well as on consumers’ health. My concern has finally spurred me on into taking action to vote with my dollar. We do not have beef or pork in this house due to environmental concerns however, we do eat chicken occasionally. Having said that, we will most definitely be purchasing all chicken from your ranch from the moment our frozen supply dwindles. I’m enthusiastic to have found your website as I was about to declare myself vegetarian! 🙂 Thank you, TK Ranch, for pressing on through the financial difficulties you’ve had in the past. We are in desperate need of more ranches and vegetable farms like yours. Looking forward to placing my future order with you in the next month or so!


We had one of your turkeys last year for Thanksgiving, and my mom especially enjoyed it. She said it tasted just like the ones she remembered when she was growing up on her farm. We talked a lot that night about her memories, my grandma and grandpa, and her adventures on her farm. Good food is amazing, isn’t it? Thanks for all that you guys do!

Olana T.

I love your newsletter, and I applaud what you guys do. After getting myself educated on what factory farms do and the state of the food industry, I realized I either must become a vegan or if I do eat any animals or by-products, I can only eat them if they ethical and sustainable. Plus, since you are local to me, this eliminates too much reliance on the petroleum industry to get your food to my local store. I tell everyone (who will listen) all about the TK Ranch and your practices. Thank you so much for what you do – it’s so important for the entire planet! I can’t imagine it was easy, especially in the beginning, so your products are worth every penny. Bravo! p.s. Does the ranch take visitors? I would love to see for myself where my food comes from and how it gets from farm to table.

Lisa N.

Just want to see I received my first of many orders to come about two weeks ago. I have to say this is the best beef I have ever had. The steaks are delicious and tender, and the roasts are unbeatable. I will definitely be making another order!

James T.

We are very excited about TK Ranch products. Never have I enjoyed a smokie more. The recipe for their processed meats is really tasty, and you don’t get any nasty aftertaste because they don’t use nitrates. We love their convenient packaging. The ground beef may call itself lean, but it’s better than any extra lean meat bought from the grocery store. You can tell they don’t add water to their meat because it grills beautifully. Delivery is so convenient and their ordering process is easy. We highly recommend TK Ranch!!

Kirsten & Ben Kopp

 I just wanted to say thank you for our TK order! It’s been a while since we have had the pleasure of enjoying your products. We are trying to move towards a more plant based diet and have decided to get very strict with the meat that we do eat and (and especially) feed to our children. We knew there was only one place we would trust to ensure that our meat was of the best quality to put in their little growing bodies! I have to be honest, the thought meat has been turning my stomach a bit lately, so i was very surprised when i opened the TK boxes and found that i was actually looking forward to making supper with all of the goodies inside!! I’m sure you probably hear this all the time, but I just wanted to let you know that we feel so incredibly lucky to have a family run farm like yours in our area. It is people like you that give me hope for the future of our children’s food supply. We need more ranches like TK!! I know that farming is no easy task, especially the way you guys do it! So THANK YOU for doing it! You have no idea how much it means to us!

Lindsay P.

I made burgers tonight with your beef (accompanied with fries cooked in duck fat: best fat for your heart). Simply put, I had forgotten the taste of great beef. Your beef brought back memories of what meat should or used to taste like. Yes, it is the healthiest but at the end, taste is what matters. It is awesome. I have such respect for people like you and what they stand for. Being healthy does not mean one gives up taste. Quite the contrary. In addition, the way your beef has been processed/cut is wonderful (NY strip loins are so well cut as are the tenderloins, everything in fact). In my work (pianist, teacher, performer, recording artist, etc.), many people have theories on how one should do things. Move your fingers this way, sit this way, think this way, etc. The “method” takes over. At the end, all of these theories might have great values but at the end it comes down to one thing: how good you sound. You bring back health into stupendous food. What you do “sounds” inspired. I am a fan.

Jacques C. Després

My family and I placed our first order with TK Ranch with very little expectations, but we were blown away! The quality of the meat is second to none — even our 3 year old who usually balks at the sight of meat devoured the chicken and even steak! Not only is the meat amazing but so is the Biggs family. Their dedication to quality and to ethically raised animals is inspiring. I recommend TK Ranch to everyone and I can guarantee my family will never eat store bought ‘meat’ again.

Erica Moore

Just wanted to let you know that we tried some of your ribeye steaks last night….in a word “awesome”! Thanks so much! We’ll let you know when we are ready for more.

Cathy Johnson

Hello Colleen, We LOVE the chickens. They taste like CHICKENS! A remarkable thing. I don’t think I have ever had one [taste like this] before yours. Thanks!

Kay Manuel
Edmonton, Alberta

I’m an active adult that eats “paleo” — essentially meat, fruit and veggies. So finding a quality source of grass fed beef is super high priority for me and my family. I’ve been buying your products for the last 6 months or so from community natural foods. Recently I visited the new Calgary farmer’s market in search of a deal on bulk red meat. There was another dealer there but I was disappointed when they told me their animals were grain finished. This prompted me to visit your web site to see what TK’s practices were and I am overjoyed to know you use no grain feeding. This is essentially a long blathering thank you. 🙂 I also learned from your sure that you do direct orders so I’ll be doing that very soon.

Yuval Kordov

I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully informative your website was. I found more information on your website about grass fed vs. grass fed [grain finished] beef then I did through 10 Google searches on Alberta beef. I am also excited to find out this is an ethically raised, no antibiotics or chemicals are used and the beef is grass fed. I am excited to try your product this weekend and wanted to say I will be mentioning your product to people I know. I will let you know how my experience goes and look forward to sampling more of your products in the future.

Jarrett Sosnowski
Edmonton, Alberta