TK Order System REPAIRED

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We sent out this email newsletter yesterday, and are publishing it here on the blog for anyone who missed it. Want to receive our newsletter by email? Subscribe here.

TK Ranch
Alberta Prairie

TK Order System REPAIRED

Last weekend we had a mysterious "internal error" problem with our order processing page. As a result of this, many of you could not place your orders. This is now thankfully fixed just in time for our next Calgary delivery which is Saturday May 25th. Please make sure you place your orders by SUNDAY May 19th so you do not miss our cut-off date for delivery. Our next Edmonton delivery is slated for Saturday June 8th. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Baby PorcupineHappy Spring Everyone! What an unbelievably long winter. After nearly 7 months of snow we were certainly ready for spring on TK Ranch. Above is a beautiful picture of a prairie slough that my husband Dylan took just after the snow melted. With all of the water lying around we were surprised by a large prairie fire on the north end of the ranch last week. Fire crews from Coronation, Castor and Halkirk rushed to help us put out the fast moving blaze. While Dylan was guiding in the fire trucks he spied a tiny porcupine trying to out run the flames. He jumped off the truck and scooped her up just before the fire caught up with her. Luckily she only suffered some singed quills. We transported her to the Medicine River Wildlife Center where she will be fostered — a picture of her is above — HOW CUTE! (I just wanted to cuddle her but quickly discovered that even baby porcupine quills hurt…). After two hours, and luckily a full creek to stop it, the crews had the fire under control. Thank goodness for great neighbours who pitched in to help us and the hard work of the volunteer firefighters — our thanks are not enough.

New E-Commerce Order System
Coming SOON to TK Ranch

As our business continues to grow at an unbelievable rate we are trying to implement systems that will make everyone happier. This includes building a new e-commerce shopping cart that will make ordering much easier. It will also allow our customers to view their order totals so there are fewer payment surprises and to pre-pay so that wait times at pick-up are significantly shorter. No more waiting outside our truck in -27C weather — gotta love that :).

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I know, what took us so long? I think it has to do with too much work and not enough hours in the day. While there might be little hope for me, luckily Dylan and our daughters have fully embraced Facebook and have become quite tech savvy. Many of you have requested time and again for more pictures and video — well check out our Facebook page and stay tuned. We update pictures almost daily and now is the time to see them as we are just starting to calve, lamb and farrow — lots of cute baby pictures and great wildlife pics too.

We will be back in touch soon with more news, pictures and recipes. I hope you enjoy the great weather and get all of your spring planting done.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Colleen Biggs
TK Ranch