Our Location

Alberta, Canada

TK Ranch — A Very Special Place

The area that we live in is called the Special Areas of Alberta — and it is very special. TK Ranch is located on some of the last tracts of wild northern fescue prairie —s only 4% is left in the world. We manage this diverse and wild landscape with the knowledge that thousands of species rely on our caring stewardship — many that are threatened or endangered.

Take a close look and you will see that we have become an island of wild prairie surrounded by a patchwork of farmland. From this perspective you can understand how threatened this ecosystem really is. Last year when we received the National Prairie Conservation Award it was any eye-opening experience. We knew that people were breaking the prairie to plant crops, but not at the rate that it is being lost. It was then that we realized how important it was to continue our work at building a sustainable model for agriculture.