Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release on TK Ranch

In 2001 we were contacted by our local vet who had undertaken a wildlife rescue on a local ranch. He was wondering if we knew where to take injured wildlife for rehabilitation. At the time he had an injured “hawk” that needed medical attention after hitting a barbed wire fence. We contacted the Medicine River Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (MRWC) located near Raven, Alberta — about 70 kilometers west of Innisfail. They asked if we could transport the injured bird to their facilities, a 300 km drive west of our ranch.

When we picked it up we discovered that the “hawk” was actually a young Peregrine Falcon. After contacting Fish and Wildlife to obtain the proper paperwork to transport an endangered species, we took the falcon for treatment. We were very impressed by the Medicine River Wildlife Centre and since that time have become a drop point for injured wildlife for east-central Alberta.

Injured Bald Eagle on TK Ranch

We have had many varieties of owls, hawks, falcons and mammals either dropped here for treatment at the MRWC or released on TK Ranch after rehabilitation. Seen at right is a Ferruginous Hawk being examined and stabilized on TK Ranch.

There is a great need to expand the Medicine River Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre’s volunteer relay network across Alberta. If you would like to assist injured wildlife so that they can receive proper medical treatment, be rehabilitated and then re-introduced into the wild, please contact Carol at (403) 728-3467 or email her at info@mrwc.ca.